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U-Lipo & Hi-NARF Machine manufacturer in Mumbai, Maharashtra and India. Our reputation in the market, we are offering best quality Non Surgical Liposuction U-Lipo & HI-RF Machine which is easy to install and convenient to maintain. Features: Made in India Real Cavitation & RF Technology Easy to install Convenient to maintain. Light-weight User-friendly Durable Damage-resistant Product Specification: 40 KHZ Strong Cavitation ultrasound (U-Lipo) : 150w 1 Mhz Ultra sound for Face Ultra : 50W Multi polar HI- NARF (5 Mhz) for Body : 300W Tripolar Hi-NARF WITH (. MHZ) Face Lift : 300W Bipolar Hi-NARF for Smaller Area of Body : 300W Monoplar Hi-NARF (CET) For Body & Face (Optional) : 300 W Hi-NARF Output : 65 J/CMz Vacuum for Lymphatic Drainage. Laser Lipo : 650 NM 6 Nos Diode Laser Pads (4 Big, 2 Small) Infrared Red Laser Moni (orinao Device For Temp Control of Hi-NARF. (Min 41'c As per Science for Skin Tightening. Diamond Microdermabrasion for Face Treatment. 8" /10"/ 12" Inch Color Touch Screen. Triple Integrated Cooling Systems for Commercial use. Key Switch, Emergency Switch Provides Safety Operations User Friendly Software Hydraulic Systems Screen Elegant International Design with 3" Sturdy Medical Wheels Trolley. Manufactured & Customized For Indian Conditions. Application (Body & Face): Permanent Inch / Fat Loss Body Shaping & Contouring Skin Toning & Tightening Cellulite Reduction Non Surgical Facial Fat Sculpting Face Glow & Lifting Benefit: Best Result With 100% Original Technology Exclusively Manufactured in India Very High Power Result Oriented Machine Special Circuit for Each Probe. Machine Can be Customized as Per Requirements
Model : ACF-70C Nonsurgical U-Lipo & Hi-NARF System High Power Machine with 12" Touch Screen International Certification for Safety & Effectiveness Result 6cm - 16Cm in 1 Treatments Manufactured in Mumbai by A-Tech Medical Aesthetics Made in INDIA For Any Body Shaping Machines & Laser Machine PL Contact us
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